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Sumo – by Alex

by on August 2, 2016

Today, Dad’s friend Gary and his son Matthew took us to see some Tokyo sights.  

Adding to our list of Olympic Stadiums, we went to the site of the 1964 Olympics, which has been torn down and is being rebuilt for the 2020 games.  So we get to cross off 2 games at once.  But here’s the only picture we could get through the construction wall:

We then went to the Sumo museum. I learned about sumo there. They had some clips of sumo that involved very heavy objects (humans) tumbling onto not as heavy objects (other humans in the first row of the seats). It was very interesting to learn about one of Japan’s most popular sports. The sumo wrestlers don’t just focus on Sumo, they also write poetry, practice calligraphy, etc.

If you rub the wrestlers’ butt you get good luck.  

Next, we went to the Edo museum. This museum was organized extremely well, showing life in Tokyo (formerly known as Edo) as it progressed over time from the move of the capital of Edo to modern day.  They used to carry people in wooden boxes:

After this, we went to the Akihabara “Electric City” neighborhood. This is the part of the city with lots of very small electronic stores, etc. We went to a little street that reminded us of a bazaar with shops on both sides.  Just like in Xi’an but the shops were more fun.  Anna bought some erasable pens

There is also a lot of anime art in Akihabara

Lastly, we went to a bookstore with an English section.  Anna got the new Harry Potter book here. She says she is going to save it for the flight.  I don’t know if she can hold off that long.

This is what we did today.


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