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while(traveling){getSetUp();tour();leave();} (by Alex)

by on June 21, 2017

Before we begin, I would like to apologize for the blurry photos. We downscale the images to conserve space.

It is our sixth year of traveling! In our six years, we have developed a process. We always go to the airport super early. This year, traffic getting there was bad. We left from Oakland, as Oakland had a direct flight to Copenhagen for a relatively low cost. Highway 92 and 880 both were not moving, so it took longer than we expected. Norwegian Air Service also had a very long bag drop process. They had three flights leaving (and a new check in area), so as you can imagine, it took a while. We did get through with time for dinner. We chose Chinese food, as it was the only to go food in the airport. Our plane was a Boeing 787 Dreamliner.


Thanks to our relatively cheap upgrade to business class, our flight was comfortable. The 787 also is incredibly quiet and smooth, which made the flight even better! The one issue… there was a certain Dad that was hogging my seat when I was trying to sleep. Overall, it was a good flight.

Once we get to the city, we get on the train to our apartment and get settled in. I get the Microsoft ‘Unusual sign in activity’ message.’

Image 3

The WiFi password is also crucial to get at the first possible second. Once we get settled, we tour our neighborhood.

Copenhagen is an awesome city. It is moderately laid back, and the architecture is really beautiful.

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We have a tradition in the Beaver family of unintentionally having a horrible first meal in a city. This was not the case. Facebook’s weird stalking algorithms that utilizes knowing everything about you and everybody else combined with your current location to recommend restaurants that locals tend to go to near you (like I said, weird stalking algorithms). We had a great meal of burgers and oven-baked potatoes (which is what every restaurant in Copenhagen serves).

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Another necessity is going grocery shopping. We found strawberries that mom loved


and this… thing


Sense my enthusiasm.

It is as bright as day at 9:09, and here is proof (thanks to Snapchat).


We have had an amazing first day and are going to bed now.

Here are some photos that Mom wanted me to post.

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  1. Mom felt that I should explain the title. It is supposed to be an ‘infinite loop.’ An infinite loop is a section of computer code that runs forever. It is supposed to symbolize that we do the same thing over and over whenever we get to a new city.

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