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A really long day in Copenhagen – by Renee

by on June 22, 2017

Today was a really long day — because it started at 2am when we were all awake and unable to get back to sleep, and it’s currently midnight.  While we can attribute most of this to jet lag, the fact that our perfectly-located apartment is on a busy street filled with lots of happy graduates celebrating their graduations until the wee hours (and wearing old fashioned sailor hats with their school name on them) did contribute.  We took a mid-day nap hoping to reset things a bit.

Today we did one of our standard “first things to do in a new city” the 3-hour walking tour.  This covered a lot of ground (literally a few miles) and we learned about Danish history, the Danish royal family, and about a surprising number of catastrophic fires in Copenhagen’s history.  The first raindrops fell just as the tour was ending.

Here we are at the most famous photo spot in town:

We also got lucky and when we were at the Town Hall, it was time for the weekly winding of the famous clock.  This precision timepiece (over 15,000 parts) tracks not only time, but also the position of the planets, the Gregorian calendar and the 25,000-year cycle of of the precession of the earth’s axis. (Since the clock was built in the 1950s, that particular dial hasn’t moved much)

The predicted wet evening weather failed to show up, so we decided to head to Tivoli Gardens, the second oldest amusement park in the world.   Their summer celebration is in full swing with lots of music, theater, and dance in addition to all the rides (and of course the funhouse mirrors)

We had a fun surprise when we asked people what the commotion was in the audience for the ballet production of Cinderella that we were waiting for, and it was the Queen….. Denmark’s Queen Margarethe and her retinue.  (She’s the one that everyone is looking at, and her husband is in purple)

After the show Anna and Alex sat on the very same cushions the Queen had just graced with her bottom:

So now we’ve seen two queens and one prime minister on our travels…..I guess when you’ve seen one you Haven’t seen them all.
 Our FitbBits say we walked over 11 miles today… we’re going to sleep well! 



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  1. Janet Howes permalink

    What a great day. Get some rest. You don’t look tired!

  2. Dave Howes permalink

    11 miles ! That’s not the David I know……..

  3. Virginia M Turezyn permalink

    Wow 11 miles…that’s a lot of steps. You guys all look happy and raring to go. I’m sure you’ll never wash those bottoms again! Enjoy.

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