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The Danish Rain

by on June 24, 2017

Today, we went to two castles. The first one that we went to is the Kronborg castle. This is the castle that the shakespearian play Hamlet is based in. The castle’s biggest claim to fame is Hamlet, and it showed. They had a shortened version of the play with different parts in different rooms. They also made it interactive. As you can imagine, Dad loved the interactivity. I had only every seen one Hamlet interpretation, The Lion King (anyone know the lyrics to the first part of the first song?). I found it interesting that the plays at the castle were in English with no Danish translations. I was expecting Danish translations. It was interesting getting to see the story and understand it better.

We also saw the World’s Largest Supported Lego Ship. It was made by shipping company DFDS, and allowed anyone who worked for the company to contribute to building it. IMG_4244.JPG

We then went to Fredricksburg Castle. This castle is ornate. They have gone to extreme lengths to bring obnoxiously baroque architecture and design to this castle. The church had very intricate designs. Apple and this castle both pay “attention to detail,” but for different reasons. Apple has a nice single brick of Aluminum, while this has every square centimeter covered in decoration. Look at the slider below for examples.

Overall, it has been an interesting but tiring day.

Here are some notes about Denmark:

  1. Similar to Scotland, at 10:00, all restaurants turn to bars
  2. Public transit is virtually useless if you are in Central København. You can walk almost anywhere
  3. Almost all signs are in English
  4. Everything is super expensive (due to high tax rates)
  5. Bikes are very popular; There is almost no car parking
  6. People tend to be nonconfrontational; the one exception are guards
  7. No showers have curtains; They flow straight into the bathrooms
  8. Almost everyone (including the queen) smokes
  9. There is (unfortunately) tons of partying, screeming, and drinking; McDonalds has guards to stop people from partying in the McDonalds.
  10. It rains for about three seconds before stopping; It is not worth wearing a rain coat

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  1. Dave Howes permalink

    Good info and good pics. Thanks……..Dave

  2. Virginia M Turezyn permalink

    I love the fun facts. Very nice pictures to give us a sense of the varied architecture.

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