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Yesterday – by Anna

by on June 24, 2017

We skipped blogging yesterday because we got in too late, so here’s how we spent our day:

Today we had a late start. By not setting an alarm, we didn’t leave the apartment until 1:30.  Alex was up at 6:30 but he let the rest of us sleep which was nice.  We had gone to bed at midnight the night before, so getting a full twelve hours of sleep was really nice. 

The first thing we did after finally waking up and leaving the room was visit the Rosenberg Palace. We walked to this one, because it is right down the street.  It was a summer house so isn’t that fancy, but we did see the Crown Jewels which are very pretty.

One of the most interesting things we learned at the palace is about the Danish and elephants. When Denmark became Protestant after the reformation, they had to rename their knighthood “Order of the Virgin Mary” to something less religious sounding. They had never seen an elephant mate in Denmark, so they thought elephants were virgins so they decided that it would be a good icon for this order. In the paintings we saw of kings and queens they all had the elephant on their necklace.

Then we took a bus and train ride to Sweden on the Oresund Bridge across the Baltic Sea strait.  This bridge is a big deal because it provides a rail, car and internet link for Norway, Sweden and Finland.   It was foggy and the bridge is very high so we were almost in the fog. We saw Malmo, Sweden which was not very active.

Then we took a (very late) canal boat tour around Copenhagen.  Everyone was out on the canals to celebrate St John’s Feast Day or Midsummers Eve. They all make a pile of wood, put a doll of a witch on it, and burn the wood and have a party.   

We saw lots of these, and also lots of happy people who weren’t walking very straight.  Alex didn’t like them, he thinks they should drink less.

We saw the Little Mermaid…. she is very little and not a big deal.  Copenhagen people think the is boring.


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  1. Dave Howes permalink

    David, have you ever heard of mini me?

  2. Virginia M Turezyn permalink

    Ah, the mermaid, brings back memories. Well done Anna.

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