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Two Halves [of a day] Make a Whole (Alex)

by on June 26, 2017

It is our final day in Denmark. And as in Beaver 2017 fashion, we left the house at midday. We came to Aarhus (The second largest city in Denmark) to see a museum and some other things, but they are closed on Monday. As a result, we went to one of the first city attraction that tries to show what life used to be like thingy. It was cool seeing the jobs and buildings of Denmark’s past.

IMG_9054.JPGOur favorite building was a relatively new one with a very pretty brick one.

IMG_4738.JPG It was undergoing renovation, so we could not learn about it. There were some pastries at the pastry shop and horses giving tours. It was very similar to Colonial Williamsburg. Towards the end, we found a building that was leaning rather intensely towards the path that we were on. We had a great time at this experience (I think is the correct word).

We also went to a forest that is highly rated. The forest was at the end of a long tree-lined road. There was a massive pink house, and the forest was its grounds (the house is now owned by the university).

IMG_4783.JPGWe enjoyed the walk. At the very start, a branch fell about 30 seconds after we were there. As you can imagine, we were startled by this branch.IMG_4817.JPG

There was a rock mount that is believed to be the place of a grave. We also got to walk over a wooden platform over a marsh.

We ended up at the beach. The beach was beautiful, and it was surprisingly warm for Denmark. We are going to [attempt to] get to bed early so that we can go to Gothenberg. We had an amazing day today.


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  1. Virginia M Turezyn permalink

    You guys are getting lazy – not getting out until mid-day each day thus far. John would whip you guys into shape. I sure hope you start making it out earlier. Miss you all.

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