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If it’s Tuesday it must be …   – by David

by on June 27, 2017

One week, one country and two cities down.  Today we left Denmark and went to Goteborg, Sweden (aka “Gothenburg”… why is it that we have different names for foreign cities?   Why don’t we use the same names they do.?   E.g. We say “Copenhagen” for “Kobenhavn”. I don’t get it).

We got to experience a typical Baltic car ferry…  it wasn’t the Disney Magic, but it wasn’t a bad 3-hour trip across the sea.

We try hard to avoid drawing quick conclusions about cities… we might just be in a certain neighborhood or having bad weather or something, and get an incorrect right or wrong impression.  However, it’s hard to avoid these quick impressions.   Copenhagen:  cool, young, hip, quirky, and everyone smokes.  Aarhus:  boring, no character, crappy restaurants, howling winds.  Malmo:  even the main street was dead as a door nail on a drizzly Sunday evening.   Which gets to… Goteborg: beautiful, relaxed, buzzing.  We really like it after the first day.  It’s the peak of Swedish summer, which means everyone is out in shorts and t-shirts, sitting on park benches in the warm (65-degree) sun. 

I was expecting that everyone in Sweden would look…. Swedish. But there’s no more blonde hair and no fewer dark complexions than at home.

We went to a very nice resataurant whose #1 dish was… Swedish meatballs with mashed potatoes and lingonberries!  Just like IKEA… but a lot better (and definitely not $1.99)

Renting apartments online can be scary…. although over the years we’ve had awfully good luck and even the “bad surprises” haven’t been too bad. But wow, this one is a good surprise.  It’s a 100-year-old building that is being remodeled and the lobby is a little dingy, but we opened the door to the apartment and were just stunned: it’s a spectacular and modern remodel.  

And we really do have the best apartment in the building…  we’re the one in the top right corner.  

We have a great view tonight of the sun setting over the city.


Looking back through the last week, here are a few tidbits that didn’t make the blog:

Great shot of Danish summer weather…  it can go from blue sky to rain in a moment

Seeing (parts of) Hamlet performed in Helsingborg (“Elsinore”) Castle was really cool, and we got to interact with the actors between scenes:

Alex stabbing Hamlet with his sword

Anna with Ophelia

Alas, poor Yorick…

My favorite building in Kobenhavn:  the old stock exchange, built in 1625.  The sun was going down, so the photo doesn’t really do it justice. It’s spectacular, especially considering it was built as the pilgrims were landing on Plymouth Rock.  The spire is made from the twisted tails of four dragons!

For every photo in the blog there is the other view from in front of the camera

Not many of our photos have both Mom and Dad in them, and even fewer have only Mom and Dad.  Here’s a nice one from our walk around the park…. 2 minutes after the branch nearly Del on us.

A big thing for kids in Denmark is going out on a Party Truck after graduation.  The trucks (mostly old military trucks) play loud music and there is much drinking and yelling and cheering.  There were perhaps a hundred of them on Friday night.

A tradition on our trips is posting the “away we go” and “hooray we’re home” photos.   Since we neglected to post the Away We Go, here it is


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  1. Mary Ann Draeger permalink

    Love the apartment! Get that chair it would look great with you two in it on your porch.

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