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We went to “Alcatraz” – by Anna

by on June 29, 2017

(Mostly by Anna, [additional commentary] by David)

Today, we visited the Volvo factory and got a tour of the whole factory. There were a lot of brightly colored robots building the cars, all with different attachments, and I loved it! Sadly we were not allowed to bring phones in, so we don’t have photos to add. 

We also visited the Volvo Museum. We found Volvo’s first attempt at a back up camera quite amusing, and enjoyed looking at the Lego car they have built. 

[we saw this exact car at Legoland in San Diego about ten years ago]

[The backup camera was on a proof of concept “super safe” car in the 1970s that let’s just say wouldn’t win any design awards]

After the Volvo tour, we went to the small town of Marstrand, where we toured a castle. It was incredibly windy, but had a great view.

[Sweden has hundreds of thousands of islands, and many Swedes have summer homes out on the islands.  Marstrand is a great example of them, and after taking a little ferry across to the island we walked around and got a feel for their summer living]

[Marstrand was their Alcatraz…. big fortress on an island hill, used as a prison for a while, and very windy]

We saw a very cool boat that was practicing for next weekend’s race as well!

 Overall, it was a pretty fun day with a lot of driving involved, but now I am going to go to bed. 


We saw a boat in a dumpster…. don’t know why???

We discussed what exactly is the cutoff between a rock and an island , when counting to 600,000 “islands”


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  1. Dave Howes permalink

    Volvo is coming out with an electric SUV. Did you see any of the many Veg gardens people rent?

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