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Oh say can you see… by David

by on July 2, 2017

Today we did our own walking tour of Oslo, seeing things that weren’t covered yesterday.  It was another wonderful 78-degree, sunny day.

We went to the big park in town, which is famous for a big display of bronze and stone sculptures by one of Oslo’s hometown artists.  There are 217 sculptures, all various poses of men, women and children, all naked.   Not in an embarassing way, just as if they were going about their life without clothes on.   (Well, most of them are not weird…. but some are a bit creepy). There’s much debate about the meaning of the whole thing; the consensus is that they “represent the range of emotions and the human condition. ”

Mostly they just look like naked people to me.

In the park we had a very nice surprise…. we heard a band playing and went to investigate, and it turned out that the Norwegian American Club was having their annual July 4th festival. Lots of old American cars, and food that we recognized, and live music by “Oslo’s #1 Party Band” which had the 1980s Top 40 songbook down pretty well.  Yet another chance for Renee and I to embarass the kids by singing along with fun songs to which we know all the words and they don’t.  I sang an enthusiastic duet of “I Love Rock and Roll” along with the lady working the barbeque beef sandwich stand.

They played the national anthem and there were speeches by dignataries including the Deputy Ambassador, and other such fun things.

The Republican and Democrat clubs both had booths.

Here we are with the Deputy Mayor of Oslo…. she’s not as famous as the queen, but she was very nice and she was happy to hear that we like Oslo.

We went to another Viking ship museum… these ships had been used to bury some important people and were taken out of the ground nearly-intact…  pretty impressive.

We went to the museum for Thor Heyerdahl’s various expeditions: the Kon Tiki, Ra 1 and 2, and   Tigris.  These were very familiar to those of us who read National Geographic in the 1960s, and were a new thing to learn about for the kids. Compared to the Norwegian expeditions to the North and South poles that we learned about yesterday,  were all amazed at how much Heyerdahl just winged it.. very little planning or practice: just load 100 days’ supply of food onto a raft and push off into the ocean current.  For one of his voyages he invited the waiter at his hotel to come along as the photographer (and the waiter had never sailed and barely swum).  But at least they knew what they were going to run into at the other end, which is a step ahead of the ancients whose voyages he was trying to prove could have been done.

And on the way home we walked past the palace just in time to see the changing of the guard.  Smaller crowds than in London…

Our waitress for dinner grew up in San Carlos in the 1990s, less than a mile from where Renee and I lived. She said she’s met lots of Americans and even some who know where San Carlos is, but we were the first she’s met who actually lived there.

7-hour train ride tomorrow to Bergen, where we’ll see fjords.

Ps:  this soy protein product isn’t meat… it’s “meat-ish”.  Yum-ish.


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  1. Virginia M Turezyn permalink

    Meatish…sounds positively yummy. Love all the big smiles and summer shorts.

  2. Dave Howes permalink

    David, I always new you were a closet Trump supporter…….

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