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Museum Day – by David

by on July 8, 2017

We saw three museums today… and now our legs and feet are sore from standing around so we are crashing in our apartment.

– We saw the Vasa, a wonderful monument to hubris.  The King told his ship designers exactly how big he wanted his battleship to be, so they built it to his spec, and covered it with 700 beautiful carved statues honoring his prowess as a king.  Then when the ship sailed on its first voyage, it got one mile out into the harbor, caught the breeze, keeled over and sank… because it was top-heavy and too narrow.

It was salvaged in the early 1960s in stunning condition, considering it had been in the mud and water for 333 years.  


– We saw the ABBA museum, a wonderful monument to the ability of smart people to ride a few lucky breaks into worldwide fame and a whole lot of money.  The kids only know ABBA songs by hearing Renee and I sing them, so they weren’t so excited by the whole thing, but they did learn a lot about the music business.


– We saw the Nobel Prize museum, a wonderful monument to human curiosity, ingenuity and creativity. We really enjoyed learning about (some of) the 900+ laureates in short movies, and could easily have watched all of them.  One fun tidbit: laureates are encouraged to give a special memento to the museum, and they’ve given some very fun things:  e.g. Chemists giving their first microscope they bought at 12 years old with their piggy bank, etc.

And we couldn’t resist one more Viking photo!


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