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More touring – by David

by on July 9, 2017

Today we knocked off a few more of the “top 10” sights in Stockholm… and once again it was supposed to rain but stayed mostly dry all day.

We saw the Palace… now note that we knew when planning this trip that we would be seeing an awful lot of palaces, so we got through this one pretty quickly.  Yeah, if you’ve seen one you’ve pretty much seen them all. The big dining room was modeled after Versailles but it’s smaller and has less gold.  We saw the bedroom where the king died after being stabbed by the nobles, and the Crown Jewels, and the changing of the guard, and a big brass band, and other such.

We were nervous that this guard wouldn’t like us taking pictures with him but he nodded OK.

By the way, England has the best Crown Jewels by far.     

Then we had an EXCELLENT lunch at the “Hairy Pig” restaurant.   For the whole time in Stockholm when we searched for restaurants it showed up on the top of the list, so we finally did it, and it was great.


Then we took a guided tour of the Stockholm City Hall, which is an amazing building.  It’s where they hold the Nobel Prize dinner every year.

The highlight is a huge meeting room which is completely covered in little tiny mosaic tiles…  18 million of them, and yes, they are covered with gold leaf.  We had fun hearing the story about the Italian tile artist who got the contract and said it would take him 7 years to do, and the architect said “You have 2 years to get it done”, so he called in some buddies and they worked fast (with only a few mistakes) and finished it the day before the new hall opened.

(Did you notice the American flag and Statue of Liberty?  This corner of the room represents the western world)

We were also amused to learn that Stockholm has 101 members of its city council!  That’s crazy!


Then… we hit a wall.  We were sore from walking 12,291 steps, and we stopped for ice cream and the cranky old ladies who own the shop bitched us out because we only bought one soft ice  for 4 of us (seriously????  really???) and we were afraid they were going to kick us out of the table we were sitting at even though there was nobody else in the place, so then we thought we’d go to IKEA just to see the world’s largest IKEA and maybe have Swedish meatballs for $1.99 like at home which we knew wouldn’t be as good as the Hairy Pig, but we’re getting a little tired of spending over $100 US on every meal because Sweden is insanely expensive, but it turns out to be really hard to get to IKEA on weekends when their free bus isn’t running, so we decided screw it, it’s just another IKEA, and we came home and we all spent 2 hours reading and then Alex and I had burritos for dinner for $17 US.

Hitting a wall is OK every now and then.  19 days and 6 cities down, 16 days and 4 cities to go.  Tomorrow we fly to Tallinn.  One Swedish tour guide told us: “If you’re wondering where the inexpensive part of Stockholm is… it’s in Estonia!”  We’re excited.

Ps they have pretty flowers on the bridges


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