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Another Suitcase in Another Hall (by Alex)

by on July 10, 2017

Today, we flew to Tallinn. We got to the airport super early, and it was completely dead. SAS has a very automated process. You check in at kiosks, add the bag tags on yourself, and load the bags onto the conveyor belt yourself. I liked it, as it was a lot faster than having to deal with people. Security was also automated. Dad loved that there were weight sensors in the bins so that once the bin realized that everything was out of the bin, it was on its way. There were some cases of bins running into other bins. I still think that it is better than the American very human-intensive process.

There were probably 30 people in Terminal 5, 26 of which were employees, and the rest were us. After about an hour, we decided to have very messy muffins as a snack. We realized when we came back that our plane was delayed by an hour. We were slightly annoyed, but we understand that stuff happens.

When the plane came, I was annoyed, but not surprised with what we were getting. Due to the duration of the plane, we were on a Bombardier CRJ-900. It had been a while since I was on a Bombardier CRJ, and I knew that they were small. I had forgotten how incredibly small they are. I was unable to stand up completely straight in the center aisle. I fortunately could find a position in which I was able to fit physically without entering my neighbor’s area (I went to extreme lengths to not enter her area). Dad had a harder time finding a ‘comfortable’ position.IMG_6212.JPG

The flight was not incredibly bad for a regional jet, mostly due to the duration. It was only approximately 45 minutes. It was not the most comfortable 45 minutes of my life, but it was only 45 minutes. My neighbor, fortunately, was not a person who liked to socialize. We both were perfectly fine spending the time without any interaction. I drank my complimentary tea (which was given after we were told to ‘prepare for landing’) and read the inflight magazine. There was nothing interesting in it, but I wanted to conserve my phone’s battery.

We landed relatively quickly in Tallinn. We exited through the annoying steep staircase and walked across the asphalt. I liked how SAS has a graphic of the three Scandinavian flags (they are owned by the governments of Sweden, Norway, and Denmark).IMG_6214.JPG

Tallinn airport was painless. Our bags were on the carousel before we got there and we got outside very quickly. There was a relatively short drive to our apartment. Our apartment is in the middle of the historic old town, so the location is amazing.

We had lunch at an Italian place in the main town square (pictured below).IMG_6219.JPG

The square also has a cool building that is the oldest working town hall in Europe. We’ll learn all about it tomorrow.


After lunch, we got settled into our apartment. We kind of took it easy because Anna has caught a bug and wasn’t feeling good. Mom and Dad did their usual run to the grocery store to stock up for 3 days of breakfasts.  

This is what we did today.


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