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Helsinki – by David

by on July 13, 2017

We had a nice 90-minute ride on the fast ferry across the Baltic Sea, to Helsinki, and we’re settled in to the Radisson.

Anna is feeling much better, but…. Renee now has Anna’s bug. So she slept for the afternoon.  And Aunt Ginny is here… she met us in Helsinki and will go to Russia with us. But she’s jet-lagged, so she slept for the afternoon also.

The kids and I had a nice few hours of what Anna calls “adventuring”, Alex calls “wandering aimlessly” and I call “getting out to get a feel for the town”.  Basically just randomly walking…”when you come for a fork, take it”… and looking for interesting things.  

We found a cool market in the old ferry building

With a silly butler

And a small science museum in the old university observatory

And a very nice old German church

Note:  Anna has decided that she loves brick buildings.  So she told the church “I approve of your awesomeness”.

Note 2:  When Anna was trying to remember something we had done on a past trip, she called it “the place with the thing with the water with the thing where we did the thing”.   Alex and I were suitably perplexed and we never did figure it out.

Note 3:  One of the Finnish words on the Diet Coke label is “Tyydyttynyt”… it’s the “saturated” in “saturated fat”.  Ouch. Finnish seems to be right up there with Welsh.


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  1. Edith Gong permalink

    Hey David! Catching up on your blog and trip. Funny thing, Finnish is actually closer to Hungarian than any of the Scandinavian languages! i found that out from a Finn and Hungarian during my first AIESEC traineeship in Brussels. They were kind of able to communicate in their native languages – very strange.

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