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Helsinki Day 2 – by David

by on July 14, 2017

We had a low key day.   It says a lot that the #3 “thing to do” in Helsinki is riding the streetcars, and the #10 thing is to take a day trip to Tallinn! We’ve done many of the top ten already, except a few old churches and art museums which we usually skip.

The #1 thing is to take a short boat ride to the big island in the middle of the harbor, which was set up as a defensive fortress by both Sweden and Russia in the 1700s.  So we did that, and had a nice time walking around. It was quite a spectacular day weather-wise.

Here are some photos

Lots of old artillery

Anna always loves playing on rocks… she says she likes rock beaches more than sand beaches.

The channel to the inner harbor threads a very narrow gap between two islands…. it was amazing to see this ship appear out of nowhere

Renee felt better after a day of resting, so we all went to see a movie (Spider Man).  I may be getting the bug, hope not.


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