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Hunting for Red October – by David

by on July 21, 2017

We had a de-lovely train ride to Moscow, we’re settled in to a famous old deluxe hotel right near the Kremlin/Red Square, and we went out for our initial “adventuring” of the area.    

We headed toward getting delectable treats at the Red October Chocolate Factory, but it was too far to walk reasonably. So we made do with …..

Krispy Kreme!  They were delicious!

(Depressingly, all the photos of us posing in front of the main sights are on Renees phone and she’s asleep.  We’ll post them tomorrow)

Of course we saw St Basil’s Cathedral … the main sight. Virginia has wanted to stand on this spot for her entire life, and she was delirious with joy to do it.  We’re honored to be able to share the experience with her. Many pictures were taken.  We’ll go inside later.

Here’s the Kremlin…. we have a tour in the morning.

We walked through he famous GUM department store

We had a dilemma on where to go for dinner, but we discovered we’re only a few blocks from the #1 rated restaurant in the entire city, out of 13,799 restaurants!  So how could we pass it up?  They serve “pelmeni” stuffed dumplings, which you can either think of as Russian ravioli or Russian pot stickers.  They were delightful and we may have to go back.

It’s late and we’ve reached the de-limit of our blogging ability.  Good night!
Some tidbits:

More spilled blood…. this is the spot where Putin critic Boris Nemtsov was murdered last year

Long black Mercedes’, BMWs, Maybachs and such are the vehicle of choice in the fancy neighborhood….   here are 8 at one time in front of the Hyatt.  You’ve probably paid for them with the ransom you’ve paid to Russian hackers.

Omigod, they’re multiplying!!!!


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