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Kremlin Intrigue – by Renee

by on July 22, 2017

Today, our first full day in Moscow, we went on a 4hour tour of the Kremlin.  I have to say it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. There were government buildings from the horrid Soviet architure to some dating back to the 12th century…but what surprised me were the number of churches.  The entire complex is 69 acres….and there are at least 10 churches.  All left over from the days of the Russian Tsars, but surprisingly the Commrads didn’t destroy them.  

There are a bunch (like dozens) of canons captured from when the Russians beat Napolean.  The worlds biggest bell (cracked, and has never rung) and the worlds largest canon (also never fired).

Unfortunately when we ventured inside the Amory and churches, no photos allowed. We saw the tombs of almost every single Russian ruler, an amazing collection of carriages and sleighs (some of which belonged to Catherine the Great), an interesting selection of stuff….Catherine the Great’s wedding dress (she came at age 13 to be married and apparently the 17 inch waist was a bit aggressive even for her ….she fainted twice during the ceremony)…and a full range of jewel encrusted books, crowns, thrones and other such stuff.  Luckily for the kids our guide Svetlana only showed us the highlights….you could have spent a full week in just the Amory.

This evening we attended a Russian Folk Dancing Show….really amazing, esp the male dancers.  The girl dancers were also good (I’m sure) but their parts were slow and (a little) boring.   We decided that this show was much more interesting that the ballet (which Aunt Ginny suggested).

By the way, Moscow is a really great city.  Clean, quite (no horns honking) and safe.  It’s “white nights” and people are on the streets quite late at cafe’s and just strolling around.  We are being careful (of course) but honestly it feels safer than NYC.

The GUM department store at night. Does it remind you of Main Street USA?

Since David didn’t have any photos with PEOPLE in them yesterday, I’m going to give you a bunch. of photos that I took when we arrived….

Giant poppy….part of a small festival happening right in front of our hotel.  

Anna teaching Aunt Ginny how to take a selfie.  

Street scene.   

One of Stalins 7 wedding cake/buildings.  

Bob’s Big Boy in front of the Hollywood Diner

Yoda made out of Lego.  Not sure why.

View from my window here at the Metropol hotel.

Russian Craft Market


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  1. Joe Shelton permalink

    Did you go to Lenin’s mausoleum? Is it still open and is what is preported to be his body still there?

  2. Joe Shelton permalink

    The Wedding cake building in the background. Was that the Hotel Ukraine? And remind me to tell you about how Sales used to me made in GUM with the intent of making purchases difficult for Russians.

  3. Anita Stockmans permalink

    Love these! In some surreal way, it looks like Disneyland. But NOT!!!
    I love the history lesson I get from these blogs.

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