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And…. it’s a wrap – by David

by on July 26, 2017

It’s 4am and we’re all awake, with jet-lag headaches.  Time to do laundry, open the mail, pay the bills, clean up 5 weeks of email, her haircuts, start the summer reading packets for high school, and just generally dive into life.

All in all, the trip was a nice success.  Chalk up one more year that lots of careful planning and preparing for the worst, resulted in nothing bad happening.  Every apartment and tour guide and train/bus/plane between cities and all that, worked out as hoped.  The only sucky thing was Anna, and then Renee, getting sick….  but who knows how many other exotic germs we picked up and fought off.  Well, that plus losing one credit card, but since that’s happened before, we were well prepared and it wasn’t painful.

When we’re on the go we only really have bandwidth to think about what we did today and what we’re planning to do tomorrow; but now that we’re home it’s already fun to look back through all the blogs from the early part of the trip and remember “oh yeah, we did that in Copenhagen, that was fun… ”   That’s why we bother with this blogging… for all of our loyal followers, of course, but also for us… next month and next year.

Sometimes I do lots of statistics in the last blog post but I’ll just do one this time:  we walked 523,591 steps…   1,047,000 feet, or just about 200 miles.    And our knees and ankles survived it!

Bye for now… hope to see you again next year on this channel.




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  1. Dave Howes permalink

    Welcome home…..

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