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Gilligan’s Fjord [attempt 2] (Alex)

by on June 8, 2018

Today, we took a fjord tour. It was three hours long. For anyone who knows Dad, what do you think he started singing (reference the title of the post for a hint). We started this tour by going under a very pretty bridge. This bridge is the second longest suspension bridge in Norway.FullSizeRender.jpg

We then went through some of the narrower parts. The narrow parts are why the fjords are famous.


After various attempts at trying to get this photo in the correct orientation, it finally worked.

We all thought that the fjords were very beautiful. The people on our tour got so excited when they saw this waterfall, that it was actually very amusing.IMG_4297.JPG

I, however, was more impressed with this significantly larger waterfall.IMG_5868.JPG

As required by the photography overlords, I also took some artsy photos.IMG_5877.JPG


We returned the way that we came and eventally entered port.

Our next area was the Leprocy museum. I learned a lot about Leprocy. For example, I learned that Leprocy is still around today, particularly in poverty areas. I also learned the potential affects of Leprocy, and why the people of the time thought that it was genetic. They thought that it was genetic, because it transfered in short areas, and the people closest to you tend to be your family. The museum had some photos of people with leprocy, but I did not go out of my way to see all of them.

We did get to see a church at the hospital. The church was very simple, with a mostly wooden roof. There also were wooden pews.


It was very refreshing to have a simple church after so much baroque.

We ended with a road train tour. This train tour was very underwhelming. For $60 U.S., we got a prerecorded commentary that kept on cutting out and the smell of diesel. Although, I did some have some learn Spanish using Google Translate during this tour. I learned that estafa means scam and infierno means hell. As always, you should try to use your new words in a sentence. Esta estafa costaba sesenta doláres. Este tour es el infierno. (This scam cost 60 dollars. This tour is hell). See, I learned stuff in Spanish class. Feel free to draw conclusions about my experience.

With the exception of la estafa, we had a pretty good day.


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  1. Dave Howes permalink

    Great photos. You will have to ask Janet out walking a very narrow trail to the top of one of the fee awards. I think I still have her nail marks on my back.

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